The 100/100 Beer Project

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The 100/100 Beer Project

There’s something about a beer label: a simple canvas
attached to a uniquely appealing product. Every designer
wants to do one. And there’s something about restrictions.
The modest size of the canvas and the deliberately limited
starting point of names beginning with SB.

Then the game starts: on one level, a purely playful
exercise in creative expression; on another level, a distillation
of the purpose of design and branding — to give life
and personality to the products around us.

This project gives 100 personalities to a single product:
some witty, some weird, some bold, some beautiful.

Featuring works by Build, Pentagram, Spin, Manual,
Commission, Hyperkit, StudioThomson, Jean Jullien, Paul Davis,
Hey, Lance Wyman and 89 others.

Foreword by Nick Asbury.
In Aid of ArtFund.